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Holly Shaltz, Fiberist
PO Box 136
Boyne City MI
49712 USA
(231) 582 3206
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This is the only workshop I currently present. It's an intensive 3-day learning experience in my favorite specialty. Once again, please contact me for additional information.

Weaving with Handspun Yarn

As handspinners, we have the opportunity to design a yarn from scratch, uniquely suited to its end purpose. Why not apply that skill to the yarns we use in weaving? Up until maybe 150 years ago, virtually everyone who spun created weaving yarns, and practically everyone who wove, did so with mostly handspun yarns. In this 3-day workshop, we will work with wool I've dyed specially for you, on your table or portable floor looms, using whatever spinning devices you're comfortable with, and drum carding the fibers as needed.

The first day, we will card and spin the warp yarn, size the yarn, and allow it to dry overnight.

The second day, we will card and spin the weft yarn, and learn about planning handspun, woven projects. When the warp yarn is dry, before the end of the second day, we will dress our looms and start weaving.

By the end of the third day, you will be well on your way to creating a beautiful handspun, handwoven scarf. Finishing techniques will be demonstrated so that when you're ready to cut your scarf off your loom at home, you'll know what to do to make it perfect. Many handspun, handwoven projects will be shown during the workshop to inspire your future efforts.

Level: Intermediate and up. Time: Three six-hour sessions, either on consecutive days or spread out over a longer period of time.