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Holly Shaltz, Fiberist
PO Box 136
Boyne City MI
49712 USA
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The following are presentations suitable for guild meetings, demos, and other activities which do not require extensive hands-on time. They run from one to three hours depending on topic and desired depth of information. There is no minimum or maximum number of attendees for lectures. When a lecture is scheduled for the same trip as a class, there is no cost for the lecture. Email holly@hjsstudio.com for more information.

Problem Project
Bring your worst handspun projects, and we'll discuss what went wrong, and how to avoid similar problems in the future. You may even discover it's not so bad after all! A fun, light-hearted opportunity to learn from your own and others' mistakes.
Level: Beginners and up. Time: Three hours.

Weaving with Handspun
Weaving with handspun yarn is not a mysterious art limited to a few gifted people. Not so long ago, handspun yarns were all that were woven! In this lecture we'll handle many pieces woven with handspun yarns, discuss what types of wools work best for which kinds of projects, talk about the spinning skills needed, and perhaps most fun of all, explore the incredible design opportunities available when weaving with handspun yarn. Weaving with handspun need not be limited to reproduction work!
Level: Beginners and up. No experience with weaving or spinning needed, though some knowlege of each will make this lecture more enjoyable. Time: One hour or more. See separate listing for 3-day workshop.

Choosing Quality Wool
It's so easy to fall in love with a bag of lovely wool at a farm or fiber festival. But when you get it home, sometimes you find it's not at all what you hoped. This demo offers a hands-on opportunity to learn what to look for when buying raw wool. How to judge whether the wool is sound, what faults it might have, and whether its characteristics are right for any project you have in mind. Also we'll explore how to choose wool that will be good for commercial processing. Hands-on time with good and not-so-good wool will be available.
Level: Beginners and up. Time: One hour and up.

Washing Raw Wool
Are you hesitant about washing your own wool after hearing horror stories about felting? This demo will show you a simple step-by-step process that will allow you to wash any wool with confidence, even Merino and other very fine wools. In addition, you'll learn a special way to wash fibers that will be handcombed which virtually eliminates waste.
Level: Beginners and up. Time: One hour and up.