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Holly Shaltz, Fiberist
PO Box 136
Boyne City MI
49712 USA
(231) 582 3206
(231) 582 0426

Do you enjoy learning more about fiber arts, but hesitate to take a class because group learning just doesn't meet your needs? Do you like the extra attention of one-on-one learning, or want to learn at your own pace, not that of other students? Or maybe you just want to get away from the frantic city pace. Well, you may find that life on Shaltz Farm isn't quite that slow, but certainly it's relaxing and beautiful here!

Join us as we feed the animals, work in the garden, or even (for the very bold!) help with shearing or lambing in season. Or just sit outside and enjoy the view of rolling pastures and wooded hills. Take a walk through the pines and maples. Savor the silence, the incredibly fresh air. You'll feel miles away from anywhere at all!

Enjoy good home-cooked food served family style, with home-grown meats and vegetables in season, all chemical-free and from very happy plants and animals. How about a loaf of fresh-baked bread, steaming from the oven? Or homemade cinnamon rolls? We are also happy to accommodate the needs of vegetarians or those with food allergies. Then join me in the studio, where we can work and learn to your heart's content.

Whatever you'd like to learn about fiber arts that I can teach, we can work on together in this relaxed atmosphere. Have a yen to learn everything I know about synthetic dyeing? Want to actually warp a floor loom and learn to weave? Like to try spinning on a really fast wheel? It's all here!

We don't have a quaint old farm house, but we offer a comfortable bedroom in a modern home all to yourself, or just for you and your family or friends. A semi-private bathroom is just a step away from the bedroom. If you like, arrange a small group to visit with you--friends or family. We can sleep up to five adults if two share a futon and one doesn't mind a bunk bed. Or pitch a tent on our land for secluded primitive camping.

If your family comes with you, the area abounds with outdoor recreational opportunities for them, from swimming in clear lakes to golfing in the summer, skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. Raven Hill Discovery Center, a hands-on science and nature center, is just ten minutes away, and fun for all members of the family. There are many public parks, nature trails, and scenic areas within an hour drive of our home. It's hard to beat northwest lower Michigan for outdoor fun, winter or summer!

Kids are welcome with the understanding you are fully responsible for their whereabouts and behavior at all times. We homeschool our 10 year old daughter, so we have at least one child here all the time.

Contact me if this sounds like the way you'd like to spend some time. We're open year round, though you should be aware winter time (late November through April) is not for the faint of heart! Great for cross country skiing or snowshoeing, though.