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In my never-ending quest for the perfect winter hat for doing chores, I think I'm getting closer! I've knit doublehats a few times before, but never for myself. What is a doublehat? You knit a hat, with or without a cuff, finishing at the top like usual. Then you pick up stitches at the lower edge, and knit another hat in the opposite direction. Then you stuff one hat inside the other, and wear like normal, except you have two layers of warmth over your head, and four over your ears if you knit a cuff as well. Or you can start at the top of one hat and knit straight through to the decreases for the other end, if you don't like picking up stitches.

Doublehat as worn

We had an unusually cold spell just before Christmas in 2004, and I had just finished my Mitered Mitten Set and had some of the yarn left. I also still had some 50% angora, 50% wool yarn on hand. Time for another hat!

Hat instructions

General Method: Make a hat by your favorite pattern. Pick up stitches along the lower edge, and make another hat. Push one inside the other to wear.

Finished Size: Average adult.

Materials: About 4.1 ounces / 116 grams very lofty worsted weight or double knitting weight yarn. You will need more yarn if substituting commercial or denser handspun yarn.

Gauge: Is very flexible in this project. My gauge was about 16 sts and rows = 4 inches / 10 cm measured over stockinette stitch.

Equipment: A set of double pointed and circular needles in the size needed to give you approximately the above gauge.

Doublehat extended
Doublehat full length, showing angora blend inside

Inner hat: Cast on a multiple of 7 stitches that gets you around 18-19 inches / 45-50 cm, arrange on a 16 inch / 40 cm circular needle, and work in rounds. If you really want, you can work the hat flat and seam it up--make sure you leave room to turn it if needed! My hat is worked on 77 stitches. Work desired cuff depth in ribbing or stockinette stitch, your choice. My entire hat is stockinette stitch, making it a very fast project. The cuff depth is 5 inches / 13 cm.

Change to angora-blend wool if desired after the cuff is worked. Work another 5 inches / 13 cm. Begin decreasing: Knit 9 stitches, k 2 together around. Work 1 round plain. Work another decrease round, this time knit 8, k 2 together. Continue alternating plain with decrease rounds, with each decrease round having one fewer stitch between the k 2 together decreases, until you have 7 stitches left. Break yarn, thread through remaining stitches, draw up tightly, and secure end on wrong side of hat. Sew up any other ends as well.

Outer hat: For best fit, use a needle one size larger than for the inner hat. Pick up and knit same number of stitches along bottom edge of inner hat, working from right side. Knit the same as for the inner hat, except all in wool. Weave in any yarn ends before you get right to the end of the decreasing! Finish decreasing, draw tail of yarn through remaining 7 stitches, and secure as invisibly as you can.

The hat is finished! You can vary it tremendously by using patterns for the outer hat or even the inner hat; using ribbing for some sections; making the outer hat longer; even decreasing over a long length to make a stocking cap effect from the outer hat. Lots of fun, and super warm, no matter how cold the wind is!

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