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Holly Shaltz, Fiberist
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This page is your opportunity to think out loud about the design of the special piece you'd like me to make for you. The texture, colors, type of item, who will use it, etc, are all things that we must consider when beginning the process of making a one-of-a-kind garment or accessory. You don't have to answer all these questions right away. We'll work on them in more detail as I communicate with you about your commission.

I will then sketch a design and provide some fiber and color samples for you to look at. If you approve the design concept, I will estimate the amount of time needed to make the item, and the cost of materials, and give you the final price. Upon receipt of your check for 25% of that price, I will begin working. This deposit is non-refundable. If you wish to see sample yarns and/or fibers for your project before I begin working, there's a charge of $100 to develop those samples, which will be applied to the purchase price. This charge is not refundable if you decide against commissioning the item they were developed for. The balance is due upon delivery.

Print this page if you'd like to make notes as you consider your commission.

  1. Who is the recipient for this item?
    • Yourself
    • Another adult
    • A child

  2. Do you want to have me create:
    • A garment?
    • An accessory?
    • A home decorator item?

  3. What sort of wear will this item be subjected to?
    • Heavy use--outdoor recreation and in the barn
    • Moderate use--around the house and doing errands
    • Light and careful use--special occasions

  4. How soft does this item need to be?
    • Next to the skin
    • Over thin clothing
    • Outerwear
    • Under the feet
    • Doesn't matter

  5. Do you have any allergies or sensitivities that might prevent you from being able to use certain fibers?
    We'll discuss this one in more depth if the answer is "yes", as many apparent allergies to fiber are the result of commercial processing, and are not a problem when handspun is used.

  6. Imagine the way this item fits the recipient, or is otherwise used.
    • Should it be drapeable or stiff?
    • Should the item stretchy?
    • Is the item thick or thin?
    • Is the item lacy or solid?
    • Is the item patterned or plain?
    • Is the item textured or smooth?
    • Is the item fuzzy or shiny?
    • Should the item be particularly warm or cool, or in between?

  7. Do you have a preference for a knit or woven item?

  8. How large should this item be, approximately?

  9. Finally, the fun part: Color! Think of all the colors you would like in your article. List them, along with whether you want the colors to be bright and pure, or subtle, or anything else.