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Holly Shaltz, Fiberist
PO Box 136
Boyne City MI
49712 USA
(231) 582 3206
(231) 582 0426

This site is being revised, so please be patient if you come across a link that doesn't work, or a page that needs photos it doesn't have yet. I hope to be done with the revision by mid-March 2008, but no promises :)

I'd like to thank members of Fibernet for helping me check the revised pages in various browser/monitor combinations, including mobile devices, so I could know it's usable in nearly every situation. What a great resource the people on that list are! And thank you, Ron, for bringing it back to life again.

If you can't find a favorite page you used to access, I may have either renamed it or deleted it entirely. Let me know what the name of that page was, and I'll dig it up for you. Many items that used to be on my tutorials page are now on my new patterns or gallery pages. Articles on the tutorial page that say New in 2008 generally haven't been written yet, but will, I promise, before the end of the year, so keep checking back :)

If you come across links you think should work but don't, feel free to email me. Please, give me full context--what page did you find the non-working link on, and where did it say you were going? There are a lot of pages on this site, and many more to come, so I need full information to correct any problems viewers find.

Thank you for your patience! Now, we return you to your regularly-scheduled website :)

Welcome to my studio! I specialize in contemporary interpretations of the age-old skills of handspinning and handweaving, using renewable natural fibers, creating one of a kind items for sale and commission, as well as passing the skills I've learned on to other fiberists.

Magenta Madness Shawl

Magenta Madness:
A handspun, handwoven shawl

In the Gallery you'll find handspun works by me and other fiberists, along with narratives about the creative processes used. The Patterns section contains original knit patterns I've devised, suitable for handspun or commercial yarns, as well as both World War I and World War II knitting projects for the soldiers, taken from contemporary leaflets.

Under Tutorials are many articles I've written about various aspects of handspinning fiber and using handspun yarns (and most of these have been slightly expanded during this site revision). These are based on my 22 years' experience with handspinning. Finally, on my Links page, you'll find links to other businesses and fiberists whose websites are well worth a visit--friends with great services or products to offer. The list is regularly updated to make sure the links are current.

If you've been here before, you'll see that I'm revising my site again. Part of that revision will be to put .pdf files in place of the 'printer friendly' versions I had up before. These will print more attractively, making them suitable for handouts in classes, if desired. I will allow that use, provided the format is left entirely intact, including contact information. I would appreciate hearing that you're using them, and what feedback you can offer from yourself or your students.

So, please feel free to enter and look around my studio! Whether your interest is in owning a one-of-a-kind fiber item, or in learning some new fiber skills, I hope you find some treasures here!

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